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Thursday, 24. August 7:54 (GMT +02:00)
Ventilation and HVAC air duct cleaning equipment
Healthy building, sick building syndrome (SBS), disinfecting, sterilising and dehumidification
Air filtration
Lifa HS 3G Filter
Lifa IAQ 3G Filter
Lifa TJ 3G Filter
Lifa 3G Smoke Filter
Building protection
Grease duct cleaning, kitchen extract
Grease duct cleaning, kitchen extract
Air filtration

"Good indoor air is not an expense or a luxury but a distinct gain."

Particles and gases floating in the air are people's everyday companions they can never be entirely eliminated. But how much tobacco smoke or asbestos can people tolerate? Are women more sensitive than men to smell impurities?

Indoor air is polluted by different particles and gaseous emissions as well as by human activities. Amounts of these pollutants are increasing constantly along with increasing traffic, for example. All particles are by no means harmful to humans, nor is it possible to make the air totally free of impurities. Viruses and bacteria also inhabit the air we breathe along with allergy-causing allergens and fibrous particles like asbestos, fibreglass, and mineral wool.

Improving indoor air is by no means merely a technical issue, at least in the early stages. The work pace at a workplace may be hectic and the personnel may be getting tired. At that point even a small problem concerning the indoor air or the work environment in general may be the famous last straw.

Fatigued workers may be concerned about their ability to cope or afraid to tell others about the problems they have noticed. Symptoms only increase when coupled with fear and anxiety.

Sometimes a worker with symptoms gets no support whatever from other workers. Only a few years ago complaints about indoor air were belittled as "menopausal women making a fuss about nothing". This attitude is more or less a thing of the past. A thorough examination of the issues helps to get rid of suspicions and offers justification for the vague sensations of unease. Once the cause is defined Lifa Air provides a solution for you!!!

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