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Thursday, 24. August 7:45 (GMT +02:00)
Ventilation and HVAC air duct cleaning equipment
Healthy building, sick building syndrome (SBS), disinfecting, sterilising and dehumidification
Air filtration
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Grease duct cleaning, kitchen extract
Grease duct cleaning equipment
Grease duct cleaning, kitchen extract

Lifa Grease Removal Concept

Lifa Air has further developed all the equipment in Lifa Grease Cleaning Concept for:

Restaurant kitchen extract rectangular duct before and after a few minutes of brushing with Tynex brush only!!!

Industrial extract duct before and after cleaning a few minutes with the Grease Chopper metal brush !!!

The new dry removal method is suitable for all types of grease, soft or hard-burned. This is due to the unique capability of one cleaning machine capable of doing brushing, spraying chemicals and adsorbent granules all at the same time. Also the fact that Lifa machines are the only ones powerful and durable enough to be able to rotate a brush in a grease duct is a decisive factor.

Initial investment cost is low, and also operating cost is very low. All heavy-greasy dirt is collected into a special pre-separator unit with a plastic sack, and multiple options for air filtration enables best possible but cost efficient air filter use. Other benefits are that there are no leaks or drops from joints after cleaning and multipurpose machines can be used for other types of jobs also.

With the different equipment in this set of equipment you can do normal air duct cleaning up to 1,2 m ducts in size but also air-jetting or coating of insulated air ducts, disinfections or even graffiti removal jobs.

Lifa grease removal Concept »

Grease cleaning video (6,26 Mb)
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