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Ventilation and HVAC air duct cleaning equipment
Brushing machines, accessories
Air jetting machines, spraying machines
Negative air machines, vacuum units
Inspection cameras, accessories
Healthy building, sick building syndrome (SBS), disinfecting, sterilising and dehumidification
Air filtration
Building protection
Grease duct cleaning, kitchen extract
Ventilation hygiene inspection, HVAC air duct cleaning equipment
Air jetting machines, spraying machines

Disinfecting of air ducts - Lifa machines

CombiCleaner 40
The biggest of the machines with the longest reach, 40 metres, and can spray huge amounts of liquids also. Ducts ranging up to 1200 mm. Can be used as a brushing machine also (powered by a separate compressor). Different nozzles with smaller mist molecule size can be found from several manufacturers.

Special Cleaner 25 Multi
The best all-round multi-use machine for all types of work, with a reach of 30 meters. Can be used as a brushing machine also, even at the same time as spraying liquids because the brushing machine is powered by normal electricity.

AirJet Combi 20
This is more light weight and handy all-round machine with 20 metre reach and a fine mist nozzle ready installed. Ducts ranging up to 600 mm. Very popular here in Finland. Powered by a compressor.

Wet fog / mist aerosol aggregat
Lightest (portable around your shoulders) and cheapest machine for spraying only. Electrical power 220 Volts only available (maybe the manufacturer has 110V also). We have tested its ability spray with some liquids up to 20 metres in a 300 mm duct with perfect spread all the way but not with disinfectants. With a little vacuum in the other end you perhaps could reach even longer distance.

Aerosol spraying machine
We have for our own use one aerosol spraying machine which is powered by its own petrol motor.

We have centralisers for 3 first machines, which will guarantee you an even spray both in horizontal and vertical ducts. Highly recommended.

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